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Some french/european animated feature films projects presented these days at professional Cartoon Movie festival.

- “Mister Sirocco” by Benoit Chieux (Folimage)

- “Dofus, the return of Julith”, by Jean-Jacques Denis & Anthony Roux (Ankama)

- “Zombillenium”, by Arthur de Pins (based on his comic-book)

- “Yellowbird” (aka Gus), by Dominique Monfery & Christian De Vita (Teamto)

- “I Lost My Body”, de Jeremy Clapin (Skhizein, Palmipedarium)

- “The Song of the sea”, by Tomm Moore (The Secret of Kells)

- “Funan, the New People”, by Denis Do

So excited to see many of these!

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More Fantastical Photos of a Dreamlike World by Oleg Oprisco

Ukraine-based fine art photographer Oleg Oprisco has continued to produce beautifully imaginative and emotive portraits since the last time we wrote about him. His imaginative photographs—featuring mysterious young women, fantastical props, and hazy, dreamy colors—evoke a strong sense of otherworldliness, as if they depict scenes from fairytales or ethereal realms. Each scene is a story of its own, inviting the viewer to imagine what kind of narrative is unfolding before their eyes.

The photographer carefully plans each scene in advance, handling all of the props, clothes, and makeup by himself. Making use of only natural light, he shoots with a medium format film camera. “I see film photography as a game in a casino,” Oprisco says, adding, “you can win big or lose it all. I press the shutter release button and then I have to wait to find out the results when the film is processed.” After developing and scanning the film, the only post-processing he allows is some color correction. “No amount of post-processing can make a bad photo into a good photo,” he asserts, so he makes sure to fix any problems during the actual shoot.

For Oprisco, photography is all about doing what he loves and executing his vision. “You need to create, and then create some more. Create images and show them to everybody, everyone you know,” he says. “I do what I love, I create images I love, and nobody interferes.”


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